Plan Zone

Plan Zone


The PlanZone is your full-service commercial construction plan room. We will give you the tools you need to Win More Jobs!

Planzone is membership based. For a low monthly membership of $85 (paid quarterly in advance), you will receive the following fantastic benefits:

• A daily PlanZone email detailing all the new upcoming commercial construction projects
along with continued bid updates across West Texas.
• Access to our virtual PlanZone with PDF versions of the plans for all projects.
• 15% off retail pricing for printed plans.
• Free local delivery in San Angelo.
• Black, color and mylar plan printing available.
• The ability to print only the parts needed of extensive plan sets.
• Free review of printed plans in our board room to determine if you’d like to bid.
• Overnight check-out of plans and specs.
• 10% off any of Company Printing’s other great business printing services.
• CD and Flash - drive service for municipality requirements.

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